1. Liquid Petroleum Meters
  2. General Valves  
  3. And More 


Through subcontractor affiliates, Certified Calibrations offers:


  1. Prover Spheres 
  2. Detector Switches  
  3. 4-Way Valves 
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Introducing New Meter Prover Calibration Services!

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  1. Liquid petroleum provers in all types 
  2. Has the capabilities to manufacture L.A.C.T units 
  3. Prover & L.A.C.T unit refurbishment 
  4. Waterdraw system development 
  1. Waterdraw Units 
  2. Calibration Towers 
  1. Pipeline Prover Spheres in all sizes 
  2. Prover detector switches in all brands 
  3. Prover 4-way valves in all shapes and sizes 
  4. ​Liquid petroleum meters in all types 
  5. ​​Around the clock consulting 

Services & Products

For customers seeking high volume & low volume prover certification near you. We offer a state of the art mobile facility that is strictly built to OIML R-120 standards.

In which is certified and is manufactured to be highly accurate when performing your everyday prover certification needs. We also provide prover accessories in any brand and size. Also if you're seeking LACT units, we can offer you those as well through our highly certified sub-contractors in the area. 

  Certified Calibrations offers a wide range of products and services to meet your needs, including: 

  1. Waterdraws
  2. Instrumental Certification 
  3. Professional Consulting Services Around the Clock 
  4. Meter Prover Flow Skid Fabrication & Inspection 
  5. Mobile Service Equipment 
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