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is also a distributor for quality instrumentation products, including prover spheres, detector switches, 4-way valves, positive displacement meters, turbine meters and much more. However, our number one focus and goal is achieving complete customer satisfaction by always staying informed of great new innovations in the industry. 

Certified Calibrations is a premier liquid measurement company, based out of Houston Area, offering a wide range of products and services. From certifying measurement equipment to routine calibrations, to manufacturing we would like to provide this service to you. Services can involve waterdraws, instrumental certification, round-the-clock professional consulting services, meter prover flow skid fabrication, meter proving and inspection, test measure and prover tank fabrication and refurbishment, and mobile service equipment. ​

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Some of Our services include 
  • Waterdraws

  • Static Measurement Services

  • Meter Proving

  • Sampling Certifications

  • Instrumental Certification 

  • Mobile Service Equipment 

  • Waterdraw Units 

  • Pycnometers

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